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We can bring our Sponsor training, competence frameworks and maturity maps to you so that you can improve the function that has the biggest impact on project success.

We also work alongside and embedded with our clients to help them develop what they already have in place.

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What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor in a project is the person who is accountable for the success of a project. They own the funding and business case and are accountable for the delivery of the benefits. The Sponsor is also the central link between business as usual in the operating environment, stakeholders and the project delivery team.

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How To Sponsor Projects

This book answers the questions of how to sponsor projects and what sponsors should focus on so that they can lead their projects to successfully deliver the benefits.

This book will teach you the foundation of being a Sponsor. It will give you a narrative to help explain what your job is and understand what is expected of you. Being a Sponsor is a crucial role in projects and change management. It is the role that has the most impact on the likelihood of success and whether the project will deliver the benefits or not.

The Sponsor is ultimately accountable for the success of a project or business change. They are the guiding mind of the project throughout and lead the project to make sure the business gets what it wants from the project.

The Sponsor has the role of managing the ambiguity in every aspect and stage of the project. This book gives guidance on how to do that and how to be an effective Sponsor whichever type of project you are leading.

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