See Changes Coaching and Mentoring for Sponsors

Introduction to Sponsoring Effective Change

This course is perfect for you if you’re new to the role of sponsorship or if you’ve never had any formal training.

After taking this course you’ll understand your role, be more confident in explaining your role to others, know how to handle stakeholders effectively and more.

Sponsoring Effective Change

This course is perfect for you if you have been a Sponsor for 3 years or if you have attended one of our introductory courses.

After taking this course you will be able to implement tools and strategies that make your role easier and more impactful. You will know how to Sponsor in any project type in any environment. You will understand your key strengths and have a plan to use those to your best advantage and make sure your projects deliver benefits.

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One to One Sponsor Coaching

We offer one to one Sponsor coaching to a limited number of clients per year. It is really important to us that we offer you coaching help that meets your needs.

We offer a free Sponsor Solutions call to help you assess whether this is the right next step for you and agree on a suitable coach.

At the moment we are fully booked with coaching clients.

Please feel free to join our waitlist and we will get in touch with you as soon as we open our waitlist.

Sponsor Mentoring

Carol Deveney mentors on a pro bono basis through the Women in Rail mentoring scheme.

About Us

Carol Deveney is an international expert in project Sponsorship.

She has trained over 500 Sponsors across 6 countries and 4 continents. With extensive experience of Sponsoring projects, programmes and portfolios from the micro to the multi billion Carol brings the technical practitioner reality to our training courses, coaching and mentoring services.

Carol has held Head of Sponsorship and Vice President of Sponsorship roles at large infrastructure companies with multi billion portfolios and large Sponsor teams.